Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why add-ons suck

This dialog, that's why:

Firefox 4.0 is officially out. I think it's great that Firefox has such a huge array of add-ons. They make a lot of people happy, and are often a justification for why people like the browser. The problem is when I upgrade to a new version and I can no longer use an add-on that is part of my core usage... This has happened a great many times...and every time it is less and less cool.

I'm probably in the minority for considering mouse gestures mandatory capability - but I do, and that requires an add-on in Firefox. There is hope, though.

The Firefox team seems to be taking a nod from Chrome's release cycle, and have vowed much faster, smaller releases going forward. From the "How to ship faster" section of the 2011 priorities/roadmap there is the following bullet point:
we must provide binary compatibility for Add-ons 
If that happens in 6-8 months (or whatever the timeline), it would remove my single biggest irritation with Firefox. Aside from the above dialog, Firefox 4 seems to bring an aweful lot of good to the table. I continue to happily keep 4 browsers installed on my machine...