Sunday, August 23, 2009

This week's goals

Although it took me a week to jumpstart myself after the Career 2.0 talk, I'm setting a set of public goals for this week.

Each day, I need to do at least 1 of the following, and each must be done at least once by the end of the week:
  • Write a new JUnit test. In particular I'd like to write my first test that uses Abbot *
  • Read a new puzzler from the Java Puzzlers book I keep at my desk
  • Fix a Findbugs warning
* Abbot is a framework for writing tests that exercise your GUI components directly, as if the user is using a keyboard and mouse.

For my weekly goal, I want to contribute a patch to Hudson. Even if it's something very minor or just documentation.

I'll check back at the end of the week to report on how I've done.


  1. I like the idea of a public goals list for the week I think I may follow your lead!

  2. Not the greatest - I'll post results tonight and my next attempt at accomplishing some weekly goals.