Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writing Month Starts November 1

I just got a newsletter the other day about Prag Pro Wri Mo. I think I'll need to give this a shot in November - which is only a few days away.

My goal will be to write a blog post every day. Short or long, every day. Starting Sunday. Formatting cleanup to come later, the emphasis is purely on WRITING. The actual idea is from National Novel Writing Month. This will only serve to further the motivation and push I got from reading Career 2.0

I need to start ramping up ideas and topics now, so I'll jot down a few.
  • Test ownership - how do you solve the 'nobody owns this unit test failure' problem
  • Build scripts (Ant, Maven, Gant, Gradle, Etc) - where are we today, and what makes sense to move to in the future, various pains, etc
  • Java 7 features - I've meant to post about these for a while. Which ones are interesting and still being included...
  • New languages to try - I need to pick a new language to learn this year. I think I have an Erlang book kicking around that I need to read...
  • Notable programming books in the last 1-2 years?
  • Ergonomics in computing (wrist pain is becoming a real issue for me)
updated to add more topics:
  • Apache+HTTPS+SVN authentication issues (TortoiseSVN cannot remember password)
  • More on SSDs
  • The search for a quality LCD Display
  • Report in on my recent PC upgrade
  • Talk about Windows 7 in the context of both home and work
  • at least one Book Review

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