Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Nana Broke My iPhone Calendar

The other day I was following Google's instructions on how to sync my Google Calendar with my iPhone. I've been a big fan of Rainlendar for a long time, and it just so happened that every important Birthday is in my Rainlendar calendar. First, I setup the syncing. Piece of cake - I chose to go the CalDAV route, rather than Google Sync.

Great - events are showing up on my phone. Ok - let's import my Rainlendar birthdays iCal (.ICS) file to Google. Also easy - now everyone's birthday is in my google calendar, and should now make their way to my iPhone.

There's just one problem. Now every day on my calendar has a dot, even when there are no events. I check my Google Calendar - it looks I do some searching, and what do I find out? 

My Nana Broke My iPhone Calendar.

You see, there's a bug in the iPhone calendar. It cannot handle with recurring events that start prior to December, 1930. Nana, I've made you 3 years younger to make my iPhone happy - I hope you don't mind.

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