Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Proper Emphasis on User Experience in Software: Example 1

I found myself thrilled the other week by how awesome and helpful the messages in ImgBurn are. I was slipstreaming some files on a Windows 7 DVD and wanted to keep it bootable, obviously. I figured I probably should do something but wasn't really sure what, so decided to just try and burn. The cost nowadays of a coaster is minimal.

ImgBurn nicely informed me of my error:

That is one of the best dialogs I have ever seen. Ever. It's not just evidence of smart logic, but also properly presenting it to me, and in an entertaining way to boot.. All developers dealing with UIs should learn from this great example.

That wasn't it though, being out of practice I also forgot to create a volume label! Not to worry, ImgBurn also let me know about that:

This great usability and functionality exists in a FREE program! I love it. This type of excellence should be rewarded - and can be (there's an option to donate on the website).

That's about it, really, I am seriously impressed by ImgBurn - it's a great tool and deserves attention.

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