Wednesday, November 3, 2010

iPad Thoughts, Part II

There are a couple of topics I forgot to mention in my first iPad thoughts post.

More favorites apps

The new Twitter app for iPad is awesome. There are so many great UI concepts happening, it is hard to describe. Pulling and sliding and locking important things in place. Kick. Ass.

Another app in my favorites for iPad is iSSH. It is a very solid SSH client - I can SSH into critical servers from anywhere using my iPad. While also for iPhone, the iPad's onscreen keyboard is a lot more usable (and iSSH has extra keys available). It's possible to get meaningful work done when SSHing from the iPad. And that is cool.

More games:
  • Angry Birds. 'Nuff said.
  • Solipskier - very simple, entertaining game where you draw slopes to ski on. 
Upcoming games:
  • Epic Citadel - I can't wait until Epic releases the actual game
  • Ditto for id Software and their Mutant Bash TV 

The iOS Notification System Is Lame

My only other gripe with the iPad, and this is iOS in general, is notifications. I haven't historically been a heavy enough user, so they didn't bother me much in the past. With both iPad and the iPhone 4, Apple's notification system is showing its age. It's annoying even without multitasking (e.g. current iPad - to be remedied later this month) as it will just stop whatever you are doing when they pop up. On iPhone 4 it is even more noticeable - oooh yes, you thought you could multitask away from this app...except I just froze the app you are using to show you this nice notification dialog! Foiled!

Notifications need to be fixed. Pretty please, Apple?

At this point we're at GM seed of iOS 4.2 for iPad, so iOS 4 on iPad should be a reality in the next few weeks as planned. Any day now...

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