Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November again...

Last year I did my own take on by writing in this blog every day for a month. I plan on doing it again this year. Hopefully the writing habit will stick.

I intended to post this last week, but as it is already November 1st - I guess I am already behind.

I have quite a backlog of miscellaneous, semi-completed blog entries in the past month alone, so the first week may be completely random. I would like to come up with some topics that I can focus on in the weeks following - we'll see how it plays out.

There is a lot to talk about right now in the Java world.
- Where is Java headed? Feelings on the Java 7/8 roadmap
- Is Oracle scaring off developers, and what will happen to Android with Oracle vs Google?
- What is the future of Java on the Mac?

The web also continues to be full of interesting advancements, especially due to the iPad and mobile devices.
- Some very impressive things can be done with HTML5 + CSS3. What are some examples?
- Fierce web browser competition - it's hard to go wrong nowadays.
- Smart phone competition (Android, iOS, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, etc)

In addition to (hopefully) talking a bit about the above, and more, I'd like to lay out some other goals for the month:

- Start and finish reading Release It!, by Michael T. Nygard

I'll add more goals and topics as I think of them. Time to start writing Tuesday's post...

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