Saturday, November 6, 2010

News and Links Nov 6 2010

Marco Arment had a great post about technology - Developers don’t rush to new platforms. Everyone considering getting new smartphones or tablets should definitely read this. It's short and to the point.

I've been looking at our database performance at work recently, so I've been digging around a lot of MySQL and related database info this week and found this blog - EXPLAIN EXTENDED. In particular, this week's post:
10 things in MySQL (that won’t work as expected) - I'll be subscribing to this one, and maybe you should too if you use MySQL.

iOS 4.2 went to GM seed this week. That should mean 4.2 will release for iPads next week if no criticals problems are found. I can't wait.

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Programming Languages by Bruce Tate is now out. I can't wait to read it! I better make some progress on "Release It!"...

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