Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goals for the week starting 11/30

Results from last week:
  • I finished reading 'The Tipping Point', and started my next book
  • I did poorly on the Erlang front - I only read a few pages and installed the Erlang package for Windows. I need to do better next week.
  • I did finish Java Puzzlers
  • I did NOT experiment with any more new build tools. I fail on this one. 
I did ok - but overally I need renewed effort on my more involved goals this coming week, as I didn't tackle anything meaty.

Goals for the week starting 11/30/09:
  • Continue reading 'Pragmatic Thinking & Learning'
  • Get through the first 2 chapters of 'Programming Erlang', and if possible, code a Project Euler problem solution in Erlang.
  • Practice my TDD more
  • Post on Monday, completing my 1 post a day for a month goal as part of NanoWrimo
After Monday, I will start aiming for 1-2 hearty posts a week, with gradual cleanup of my existing posts.

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