Monday, November 30, 2009

Summary on My Month of Writing

Writing (and clicking submit) every day for a month has been an interesting experience. It's been fun, exciting, frustrating, and time consuming. With this post I can say that I have met my goal to post every day for a month. I have a new appreciation for people who can write in serious quantity - because it's a lot of work. The quality of my posts so far has been so-so on my personal rating scale, but with a few notable good ones.

I noticed that past the half-way part, it became difficult to have enough complete content to write about. I had plenty of ideas, but many of them weren't really refined or complete enough to make a good post about without further effort. I can see how writer's block could really suck.

Of the topic ideas I listed in my October post, I covered most of them to varying degrees. There are some that I have not yet written about, though:
  • More on SSDs
Specifically, I want to showcase my build server results with SSDs. It really makes a difference for us, and I want to get some good numbers and real details.
  • Java 7 feature (my thoughts)
  • Test ownership
  • Notable programming books in the last 1-2 years
There are other things I wrote about, that I want to get into better detail on, such as:
  • More on build tools (Maven 3 and Gradle, specifically)
  • My Erlang experiences, as I learn it
  • Solving my Apache/HTTPS/TortoiseSVN authentication issues
  • What are some notable programming books in the last 1-2 years?
And some topics I hadn't really gotten into that I'd also like to write about.
  • Guice, and other dependency injection frameworks (I have not used Spring or Guice)
  • Taking Linux Mint for a spin (version 8 just came out)
  • Experimenting with Saros, the Eclipse Distributed Pair Programming plugin (I've yet to try it - but I am enthused!)
There are also some topics I'll keep a surprise, for when I'm better prepared :) I won't be rushing to post by midnight from here on in, so my focus will be on fewer (1-2 a week), far more detailed posts. It seems like at least a couple people have read some of these posts - I hope you'll continue reading and commenting.

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