Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goals for the week starting 11/9

Results from last week:
  • My test-writing improved, but still isn't where I want it to be. I did write some tests, but not enough.
  • I didn't get around to trying Guice
  • I finished reading the Career 2.0 appendix, so now it is officially complete
  • I read the first 50 pages of The Tipping Point
  • I did a few more Java Puzzlers (on Puzzle 81 of 95?)
  • Grabbed latest Hudson, but time was an issue so it isn't staged yet.
Goals for the week starting 11/9/09:
  • Continue to focus on test-first and writing fast tests. Test more than I did last week.
  • Continue reading 'The Tipping Point'
  • Continue doing Java Puzzlers (aim for 2-3 more)
  • Use Mockito more, and prepare to give a demo to coworkers
  • Write a book review on 'Career 2.0' and post it
I see a busy week happening, so I'll shoot for using Guice next week.

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