Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Maven 3.0 Info

I do intend to investigate Gradle, but I can't shake the feeling that Maven 3 will really rock. On that note, about all I have time for tonight is to pull together a few links. Nothing a couple minutes of searching couldn't accomplish, but hopefully it is of value.

Here's a presentation that happened all the way back in April. I'm sure there are more recent ones, so I'll try to update with additional links. There are (not surprisingly) quite a lot of good posts on the Sonatype blog. In particular, there is a series of posts titled "Paving the desire lines". It's very satisfying reading a developer talk about the small finishing touches to a project with real passion. I haven't read the whole post yet (and I spot 2 parts so far), but it has my appetite whet.

Maven 3.0 alphas have been coming out recently, with Alpha 3 coming out last Friday. I just grabbed it tonight (seems to be alpha 4 now) and took it for a quick spin. To test it, I built Hudson/main, which has 4.0.0 POMs.

This merits close following...

UPDATE: Walter linked a more recent video+slide presentation by Jason van Zyl


  1. Jason van Zyl held a presentation on "Maven Reloaded" at the Düsseldorf JUG, Germany on 12 Nov.
    The recording (made by Georg Sendt) is available at
    www.rheinjug.de/videos/gse.lectures.app/Player.html/ .
    Maybe it is interesting for some of your readers!

  2. Thanks for the link! I'll append it to my post. I have barely searched at all on Maven 3 yet, so there is probably a lot of other good information out there as well.